How to Root Gionee E3

Gionee E3 and VRoot are the smartphone and the rooting tool which are the stars of today’s tutorial. The reason we selected the VRoot is that it is one of the rooting managers which delivers everything it promises. So you will never feel like it doesn’t rise up to expectations, because it does and then some.

The VRoot comes from a developer in China. What sets it apart from all of the other rooting tools created thus far is a myriad of qualities. The most important ones are as follows:

- your phone will get to use apps that are only available for a rooted device;
- there will be new features to look forward to;
- the phone is going to have a battery that will last more compared to the current possibility;
- your handset is going to display better performance;
- you will get access to tweaks with which you will be able to change what you don’t like about your E3;
- and more.

The VRoot is the kind of root manager which works on various Android versions (starting from the 4.0 and continuing on to the 4.3 variant). And you can even install the tool if you are not a pro at such procedures.

From personal experience, we can say that the VRoot is not capable of flashing SuperSU (or superuser) on the Gionee E3. Don’t worry, though. Our guide features the method to get the SuperSU. You will find it at the end of this post.


But let’s return to the VRoot now. We recommend you to look at some pre-requisites before we tell you how to root your smartphone.

Here you go: look for your PC and don’t leave it out of your sight, save the data that’s on your phone in the form of one or several backups and turn on USB Debugging. If your Gionee E3 does not sport TWRP or CWM, it’s totally fine; there is absolutely no need for a custom recovery.

You will now have to start searching for VRoot_1.6.0.3690. This is the complete name of the rooting manager we are using for our guide. Once you find the tool online, you need to look at these guidelines:

  • save the file on your computer after you’ve downloaded it there;
  • install the VRoot_1.6.0.3690 on the E3;
  • open this file;
  • find out how to root your smartphone.

How to install vRoot tool

The way to install the VRoot on your Windows based computer does not need steps which are too difficult to follow. If you’ve never updated a gadget until now, don’t be scared: the VRoot is one of the rooting tools which don’t pose difficulty when the owner of a device has to flash it. And our tutorial will be laid out in such a manner that you will have the VRoot on your Gionee E3 very soon; also, all of the great things about this tool will be ready to reveal themselves when you are done with our rooting guide.

For starters, the VRoot needs to land on your PC. For that to happen, go here and look for this particular file: VRoot_1.6.0.exe. Then make sure you download and save it on the comp we told you to keep close by. When done with this part, you should open the VRoot. After that, root your E3 with the guide we have in store for you next.

The flashing of the VRoot on your PC has to follow some steps. Each of them is described in the lines underneath:

  • the VRoot_1.6.0.exe must be launched first via the double click method, then you have to find wait for “Next” to appear;install-vroot-step1
  • when you see the latter, tap it and then click on it again;
  • “Don’t create a Start Menu folder” will be displayed afterwards;install-vroot-step2
  • you have to click on it;
  • now tap “Next” when you see it again;
  • click on “Create a desktop icon” and on “Next”;install-vroot-step3
  • “Completing the ROOT” should be on the screen, so tap “Finish” (in case you don’t want to open the file after you are done with this, uncheck the box that has “Launch ROOT” as its message).install-vroot-step4

How to root your phone

And so, we give you the following guidelines:

  1. Grab a hold of the VRoot tool and open it on your PC.
  2. A message should make its way on the display, so when it does, connect the phone to the PC
  3. The handset should be detected soon and an image will soon pop up and it will have the name of your handset on itdevice-recognized
  4. A button colored in green with “Root” all over it will appear, click on it.
  5. After you tap on that button, the phone will enter the well-deserved rooting phase.Coming back to the rooting process: while the latter is taking place, you need to leave the phone connected to your personal computer. If you don’t do that, the procedure will not end well.
  6. The actual rooting is going to take approximately 2 minutes of your time. Once this amount of time is done, the E3 is going to finally be a rooted smartphone.root-confirmation
  7. You should see the touchscreen of your device harbor a message; when you spot it, the handset shall soon restart, so have patience until that happens and, as soon as the rebooting is finished, it’s time to do this: unplug the devices from each other and test your newly rooted handset!

A quick info before we forget: in case the phone is not detected after you plug it to the computer, you need to do this: find USB drivers which are supported by your Gionee E3 and install them on your comp afterwards.

Optional: How to flash SuperSU

Next, we will show you how to proceed if you don’t want to see the weird 1.0.4 Chinese root manager on your phone:

  • open Play Store and download SuperSU from there on your phone (and save it on the latter);
  • open the app;
  • select right button when the app needs your permission (this option is located on the right side);
  • then tap “OK” after you get asked to flash SU binary;
  • now freeze the Chinese 1.0.4 tool in titanium backup.

Next up: run the SuperSU application one more time. Your Gionee E3 is now rooted and the SuperSU is present on it.

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